6 Week Fitness Challenge Online Programme

Course start dates 2019

Monday 25th February
Monday 22nd April
Monday 10th June
Monday 9th September
Monday 4th November


ChickFit’s 6-week challenges are the perfect way for you to work towards your own individual fitness challenge (whether its weight loss, toning up or committing to regular exercise) in an environment where you’ll be encouraged and helped every step of the way.

The online version of this challenge (which is also available with a weekly class in Warlingham) is perfect for anyone who loves to workout at home or needs complete flexibility in their training, but who also loves the community and support offered by a class. Every week of the six weeks you’ll get:

1. 2x weekly workout videos (circuits / bootcamp style).(circuits / bootcamp style).(circuits / bootcamp style).(circuits / bootcamp style).

2. A dedicated, private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to ask questions, encourage each other throughout and build up a great community spirit.

3. A weekly nutrition challenge, designed to help you make small, but manageable changes to the way you eat in order to help you reach your individual goals.

4. New, healthy recipes for you to try out each week.

Is it suitable for me?

With everyone encouraged to work to their own level, it’s suitable whatever your current level of fitness.

Postnatal mums should wait at least six months and until they have regained strength in their core before moving on to this class though. If you’ve just had a baby and want to get fit again, why not book into the ChickFitMums Class instead?

If you’re not sure about the challenge’s suitability for you, or you are aware that you have or may have an abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues, you may also want to consider the Holistic Core Restore EveryWoman Programme.

Securing your space

The challenge costs £47 with the Tuesday class, or £37 for online only

Spaces on the challenge are limited, and they usually go quickly!

If you have any questions at all, just fill in the form below and Alix will get back to you ASAP.

Book your space through the relevant links below:

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