“ChickfitMums class is perfectly designed to safely steer you back into exercise in a fun and engaging way. The classes are designed with all abilities in mind, plus Grace and I have made some new friends in the class. I would really recommend this course to anyone wanting to pick up or to start exercising after having a baby.”
“ChickFitMums classes gave me confidence and motivation for getting fit after labour. It was good to attend a class each week where the exercises have been carefully considered for our delicate tums! I enjoyed the circuits part and pushing myself to strengthen those core muscles!”
“Since starting the ChickFitMums classes, I’ve gained a stronger core and improved my fitness. The classes are the right pace for me at this stage, and I feel like I’ve really strengthened my body!”
“The ChickFitMums classes have taught me a lot about what exercises I should and shouldn’t be doing and more importantly how I should be doing them at this stage. I also felt like time and attention was really given to each individual. Being able to bring my baby along was also a big bonus.”
2019 courses:
Tuesday 11th June @ 9.30am
Tuesday 10th Sept @ 9.30am
Tuesday 5th Nov @ 9.30am
Warlingham Church Hall

(next to Coughlans)

Having a baby is without doubt one of the most wonderful things that will ever happen to you – but it’s also one of the most challenging. That’s why our ChickFitMums Challenge is designed to help you build up your strength, fitness and functionality as safely and effectively as possible.

How the ChickFitMums Challenge can help you

Every mother is completely different, but one thing pretty much every new mums has in common is that they want to:

  • Relax and de-stress and grab a bit of ‘you-time’
  • Get good, realistic advice on postnatal nutrition
  • Feel fitter, stronger and more energetic
  • Regain fitness safely and effectively
  • Deal with aches and pains and those pesky issues such as abdominal separation, ‘mummy tummy’ and pelvic floor dysfunction

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the ChickFitMums Challenge. We will start by focusing on finding and engaging the core, and then incorporate safe and effective exercises for stabilising, strengthening and rebalancing the core and whole body.

You can also bring your baby with you as long as they’re either not on the move yet, or if they are, are happy to stay in a travel cot / pram during the class.

The 6-week courses run half termly in Warlingham and you’ll be in a group with a maximum of 11 other mums. As well as the weekly class on Tuesday mornings, you’ll get a short weekly homework video to keep you on track towards your goals, as well as a Facebook Group where we’ll work on nutrition and motivation throughout the 6 weeks.

Securing your space

Class cost: £60 per course
Next course starts: Tuesday 11th June 2019, 9.30am, Warlingham*

You may also want to consider the Holistic Core Restore EveryWoman Programme, which will also support your recovery in the postnatal period, but is more deeply focused on tackling core and pelvic floor dysfunction (many mums have attended both courses with great results).

*Please note, you can start classes once you’ve had your 6-week check, or after 8 weeks if you’ve had a c-section.

Questions about ChickFitMums?