If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have a Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), feel disconnected to your Core and/or Pelvic Floor or have had a C-Section, then HCR Diastasis or C-Section programme is for you. This bespoke programme is designed to help you heal your Diastasis, recover from C-Section surgery, improve your Core function, reduce pain and help you achieve a better looking belly and a Pelvic Floor that does its job.

This programme will address:

  • a small diastasis
  • a feeling of disconnection or weakness with your core
  • pelvic floor weakness that may have resulted in leaking when you laugh, sneeze, lift or jump
  • a mummy tummy that you can’t seem to shift
  • c-section recovery

Throughout the programme we use a combination of soft tissue/massage therapy, functional exercises, nutrition and self care, creating a bespoke programme that will address all of the areas that you personally need to work on. We’ll have 4 one-to-one sessions over around 2 months.

The first session will last for 1.5 hours and include a deep pre-screening and assessment. Remaining sessions will be 1 hour and will be roughly every 2-3 weeks. You’ll also receive your education booklet and fitness kit, and you’ll also get your own BESPOKE homework video to be done in between sessions.

Once you have completed the programme, there is also the option of continuing onto the Phase 2 programme where we will work on integrating more exercise back into your life again safely and effectively, as well as helping you to work towards your own personal fitness goals. 

Securing your space

To check availability for this programme, contact Alix via the form below or give me a call on 07725 561862 so we can discuss your individual needs.

Programme cost = £275 (payable in 1 or 2 instalments)

Phase 2 programme cost = £225 (covering 4 sessions)


Contact Alix for one-to-one Core Restore availability and to find out more...