HEAVY 1-2-1

The Holistic Core Restore® Heavy Programme is specifically designed for women who want to return to, or start, an advanced fitness programme that includes running, jumping, impact and lifting weights in a heavy and dynamic fashion.  

It’s ideal for anyone who:

  • has already completed a foundational Holistic Core Restore® Programme such as Diastasis/C-Section or EveryWoman 
  • has done the Mums Reboot
  • has attended the ChickFitMums class
  • has previously experienced any amount of leaking when they progressed to a more dynamic programme
  • or ANY woman who wants to take her fitness to the next level. 

After carrying out a deep prescreening and discussing your specific needs for the sport or activity you want to return to, we will create a programme that’s bespoke to your individual needs.

The programme will include safe, progressed movements that will help to prepare your body for higher impact exercise or weight training. We’ll maintain a deep focus on pelvic floor and core function throughout, and will also be helping you to push your fitness to the next level.

The programme includes:

  • 6 sessions over 12 weeks
  • a homework programme to complete in between sessions (this will include a written programme and video demonstration of your key bespoke exercises)
  • regular food diary reviews with simple and actionable changes
  • ongoing support between sessions

Programme cost = £397

Cost can also be paid in 3 instalments of £133

Contact Alix for Holistic Core Restore® Heavy 1-2-1 availability and to find out more...