“The course was beneficial to me in many ways. I’ve seen a 1cm reduction in my diastasis, my nutrition has improved by making small, simple changes, which I’ve seen in my skin and my posture is better. I felt I was being truly looked after. The small group allowed Alix to really focus on us all individually, yet we always had the support of the group. I feel more informed about the exercises, nutrition and self care, and the 10 minute videos have made all the homework exercises achievable. Essentially, I feel like I’ve been on a brilliant training course to set me up for life!”
“The course was so much more than I was expecting, some excellent but simple nutrition advice, support and advice all week and the weekly meeting. In just a few short weeks I’ve seen a huge improvement in my size, my attitude, and my strength. I’m delighted.”
“I made significant changes to my diet and feel much more linked to my core again. The separation in my stomach has reduced. I feel more like myself again!”
“Fantastic results from the very beginning. Back pains greatly improved from day 1.”
“I’ve seen physical changes such as losing 3cm around tummy and hips. Core tension has improved and my pelvic floor is getting stronger. I lost 5lbs as an extra bonus! Overall it is helping me make positive changes which are becoming a habit. They are exercises that I can maintain in the long term and I’ve learnt the importance of making this a habit. Every woman who has given birth should have access to this!”
“I have seen an improvement in the strength of my core and pelvic floor as well as more stability in my energy levels. I feel a lot more balanced and this is down to the exercises and the nutrition guidance. I’ve also lost weight (I’ve never had so many comments!). I enjoyed the routine of the course and the easy to do exercises. I now feel confident continuing the exercises at home. Alix is a great teacher, helping me to get the exercises right and full of lots of practical advice.”
“This course really helped me to re-focus in terms of taking care of myself. The variety of exercises meant that I was able to use the ones that worked best for me. Alix is a great support and motivator and having contact with the rest of the group daily meant that it was easy to stay motivated.”
“I found it really good to go through the exercises with an expert and then practise the techniques in the homework. It has been great to look at my nutrition as well. I have noticed that my tummy and pelvic floor feels much more engaged and I think my tummy looks a little bit flatter. Still some work to do but I now feel equipped to do it.”
April Course – SOLD OUT
next course starts
Wed 6th June 2018 @ 8pm
Warlingham Church Hall

(next to Coughlans)

ChickFit’s Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman programme is a comprehensive programme designed for women at all stages (from pregnancy, through to postnatal and way beyond) who want to work on pelvic floor, core and overall health with a functional exercise programme. We also work on healing nutrition and lifestyle, plus homework each week to enhance your progress.

Before you’re accepted onto the programme, you’ll need to fill in a screening questionnaire to decide if this exercise-based programme is right for you (as some women may need referral to a medical professional first). Then, if you’re a great fit:

  • You’ll be set to attend your first session where you’ll receive your HCR Client Education Booklet and the items of fitness kit required for the course.
  • You’ll receive your login details for the HCR Online Platform where you can view your additional filmed homework (which is only 10 minutes long) plus a healing nutrition video and recipe booklet.
  • You’ll attend the weekly classes over 6 weeks, where we’ll complete a functional exercise programme, discuss nutrition, self care and other strategies for improving your core and pelvic floor function, as well as your overall wellbeing.
  • You’ll also be invited to join a WhatsApp group for the course where we can all keep in touch between sessions.

Is this programme for me?

This programme is for any woman who:

  • wants to know more about Pelvic Floor, Core and overall health
  • has experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing.
  • wants to strengthen her core.
  • has a small diastasis (tummy separation) that they want to heal.
  • has lower back pain that is related to a ‘weak core’.
  • wants a better looking tummy
  • has seen a clinician about a low level prolapse and has been told to do pelvic floor exercises

Securing your space

The cost of the course is £117 (earlybird rate of £107 for all bookings and payments received at least 4 weeks prior to course start date) for the 6 weeks including homework, ongoing support between sessions, a handbook and all of the equipment you’ll need.

If you’re ready to look after and improve your pelvic floor and core health, then fill in the form below to apply for your place on the next course, and Alix will be in touch with the screening form and to organise an individual screening call with you.

Apply for your EveryWoman programme place today