ChickFit’s range of 1-2-1 programmes are a great option for those who want an individually tailored programme that takes into account current fitness and activity levels, time commitments and personal goals.

Which programme is suitable for me?

ChickFit’s range of one-to-one programmes will help you to either address specific areas such as diastasis or c-section healing, or build general health and fitness at ANY life stage. 

You can find out more about the programmes by clicking on the buttons on the right, or to have a chat about any of these programmes, or for some help with choosing which programme might work best for you, you can drop me an email at

Costs for standard personal training are also available on request, starting at £45 for a one-off session and £250 for 6x 1 hour session.

“Before having children I used to run 20 miles a week and completed a marathon. Once the children came along, all of my exercise and time for myself was put on hold with a busy life looking after a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Last year I decided to start running again and unfortunately I made the mistake of not preparing my body properly for this and due to my core being so weak I twisted my pelvis and damaged my back.

I heard about ChickFit through a friend and booked some 1-2-1 sessions. I cannot thank Alix enough. She offered me encouragement and motivated me to complete various exercises which helped me strengthen my core. I feel a lot more toned and also lost weight. I really looked forward to her sessions and feel I have achieved great results and will very soon be ready to start my running again. She has also educated me about how my body works and how to look after myself. I would highly recommend Alix’s sessions for anyone looking for postnatal care.”


“After having my baby 6 months ago I was keen to get my fitness back, get back in shape and tone up, Alix was great, she has a great programme with a personable, professional approach. I wasn’t sure what to expect, Alix doesn’t do the usual high intensity training thing it’s much more focused around getting your body back postnatally.

The best thing is it really works! I had weight loss and inch loss. Alix was there if I needed support or encouragement and with advice on exercise and diet you get results. I still have work to do but feel prepared and able to continue exercising and changing the way I eat to continue to get the body I want.”


Contact Alix for availability and to find out more...