“I booked a 4th Trimester with Alix, which I had at just 2 weeks postnatal. She has such a friendly, calming approach so it really felt I had a bit of ‘me time’ in the midst of newborn madness. Her suggestions were informative, entirely relevant and completely manageable. As this is my second child, I can really see and feel how thinking about my core from an early stage, has had such a positive impact on my postnatal recovery.”

We all know the drill when you’ve got a newborn – no ‘normal’ exercise until you’ve had your 6-week check and then ease yourself in gently. All absolutely great advice that most new (and sleep deprived) Mums are happy to follow.

But what about after that? Once you feel that you’ve recovered from the birth and are ready to start moving, but don’t necessarily know where to start? Or you’re experiencing a few aches and pains related to feeding and pushing a pram which you would love to resolve sooner rather than later?

Which is where the Holistic Core Restore® 4th Trimester Session comes in. During the 2 hour session, we will:

  • discuss your current health
  • talk through essential self-care strategies which will help reduce stress and the effects of those sleepless nights
  • discuss simple nutritional changes to support your energy levels
  • assess your posture and alignment to help reduce aches and pains, and ensure you can start to effectively heal your core and pelvic floor
  • go through day to day movements (particularly lifting and carrying your baby and carseat) that will protect and heal your core
  • run through some basic pelvic floor exercises and help you reconnect with your core
  • discuss releases / stretches that will help you to feel at your best
  • finish with a fabulous massage to ease those new mum aches and pains

The 4th Trimester Session is designed to support you and your body in the early days of motherhood, to reduce aches and pains and help you reconnect with your core so that you can get your healing off to the best possible start.


NB – you will need to have had your sign off from the doctor or midwife before your session.

Securing your space

 Session cost: £97

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