“Having kept myself reasonably fit all my life, it all went to pot after the birth of my twin girls. Then I picked up a leaflet for the ChickFit 6-week challenge and I was back on track. What I love is that you never know what you’re going to do when you turn up. It’s also great to walk into a group of women of differing ages and abilities, all there because they know it’s making a difference to how they look and feel. Wednesday mornings are often a bit painful but in the best way!”


“ChickFit’s Challenges have given me back my mojo. I love the flexibility of timetabling the video workouts into my week, I love the camararderie amongst the group, I love the sharing of photos of food, I love the Chickfit Community. Alix is gently bossy, which is great for getting us all to squat our stuff! It’s a great friendly way to workout and meet similar likeminded women.”
Next course:
Mon 22nd Feb @ 8pm

(next to Coughlans)

When it comes to health and fitness, I have a simple philosophy – that it shouldn’t be hard work! But the fact is that over the years we’ve all been conditioned to think of improving our fitness as something that needs masses of willpower, a supreme commitment to working out and deprivation when it comes to our diet.

And I know, having worked with 100s of clients over the years through personal training and classes, that a lot of us are fed up with that. We don’t want it to be hard work, we don’t want to have to totally give up wine and chocolate to ‘see results’.

Luckily for you, you’ve found the ChickFit Challenge. A place where we work together to create a lifelong exercise habit, nip the old excuses in the bud and work on keeping motivation levels high well beyond the first few weeks.

It’s the perfect way for you to work towards your own personal fitness goals in an environment where you’ll be encouraged and helped every step of the way. Not only do you get the practical tools you need (workouts and recipes), but you also get the all important motivational tools that will help you to create new, healthier habits and ultimately have more confidence and a better relationship with yourself and your body. 

Here’s what you’ll get:
1. A weekly, 45 minute class (currently via Zoom) – runs in 6-Week blocks each half term.
2. Access to ChickFit Online with an amazing library of HIIT, Strength and Mobilisation videos to do at home, ranging from 10-40 minutes, some with a couple of simple bits of equipment, some without.
3. A collection of delicious healthy recipes to search, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and snacks.
4. Mini Masterclasses covering everything from goal setting and motivation, through to your pelvic floor and perfecting your press up. (Please note that this library will be added to regularly over the coming weeks)
5. Access to the private Facebook community with extra motivation tips, nutrition challenges, regular Q&A sessions and a workout planner.

Who’s it for?
The Challenge is for literally anyone who wants to gain fitness, strength and confidence for now and the future. For anyone who wants a bit of structure and support, and who realises that health and fitness isn’t a quick fix, but a state of mind!

If you have any questions about it’s suitability for you, just fill in the form at the bottom of the page. The programme is also not recommended for pregnant women or those in the first few months post birth. But keep eyes peeled for the update New Mums Reboot which is coming soon. Just fill in the form to be kept up to date.

How does it work?
You have 2 options if you want to join the Challenge. 

1. Join us for an individual 6-Week Challenge where you’ll get everything above for the full 6 weeks that you’re with us. £60 per Challenge.

2. Or, you can join us with a Rolling Membership where you can join the classes and have access to everything through ChickFit Online for as long as you continue to subscribe. £27.50 per month.

*You can also join us Online only, so no class, but everything else. Just head to the ChickFit Online page to find out more.

**Please note that spaces in the class are limited and once they’re gone for a Challenge they’re gone!

Securing your space

If you’d like to join a future Challenge, you can get a taster of things over at ChickFit Online, and can also register your interest via the form below to be kept up to date with future courses. 

Signup for The Rolling Membership + Class
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Questions about the 6 Week Challenge?