“Alix is an excellent coach. I appreciate her holistic approach, her experience and her expertise.”

Welcome to Chickfit

…the home of pre and postnatal fitness, core, pelvic floor, c-section and hysterectomy rehab, pre and post menopause wellness and women’s fitness.
Since launching in 2013, ChickFit has been all about giving women a healthy and holistic approach to healing their bodies and regaining fitness (sometimes many years after having children). By combining exercise with soft tissue/massage therapy, nutrition, self care and day to day strategies, my programmes help you to get the very best results and regain confidence in your body.

Sometimes that means helping you to fit into your pre-baby clothes again, or regain your fitness after having a baby. And sometimes it means helping to reduce back pain, heal a diastasis (abdominal separation), recover after a c-section or to be able to finally throw away the tena lady!

Take a look around the website to find out more about the range of group, 1-2-1 and online options on offer – from the Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman Programme and Release Workshops, through to tailored 1-2-1 programmes such as the Mums Reboot and Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis, as well as ChickFit Online, which offers fitness for everyone wherever they are. 

Meet Alix

….wine drinker, Mum of 2, Holistic Core Restore® Coach of the Year 2020

“I started ChickFit in 2013 when my 2 children were still very young as a pure personal training business. But over the years, as more clients came to me post baby, I started to grow my expertise to enable me to go much deeper with my clients and offer them a range of programmes that would help them to address their specific needs.

“Ongoing education is hugely important to me and over the years I’ve added to my extensive qualifications with skills such as sports massage, pregnancy massage, kinesiotaping and pre and post menopause qualifications too. I’m also very proud to be a Holistic Core Restore® Coach which enables me to offer a variety of comprehensive programmes to my clients. And at the end of 2020 I was voted Holistic Core Restore® Coach of the Year.

“As a mum of two myself, I know how hard it can be to fit regular exercise into a busy working life, or around the demands of small children. So, my aim is to help every one of my clients to make fitness, nutrition and self care and integral part of their day, as well as maintaining a realistic, long-term approach to their health and wellbeing. And that includes being able to enjoy a glass of wine, as much as putting in a good workout!”


At ChickFit, you can be confident of the highest standard of qualifications gained through FutureFit Training, LifeTime Training and Burrell Education. These include:

  • Personal Training and Advanced Instruction
  • Advanced Modern Postnatal Core Restore and Functional Exercise Programming
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Certified Holistic Core Restore® Coach
  • Level 3 Sports Massage Certification
  • C-section, hysterectomy and abdominal scar surgery Massage
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage
  • Kinesiotaping for Pregnancy and Post-Birth
  • 3rd Age Woman – peri and post menopause fitness and wellbeing
  • Optimal Health after Hysterectomy

I also hold full public liability and professional indemnity insurance and undertake an annual Basic Life Support course. 

Client Feedback

Here’s a small selection of some of the feedback from my clients.

“It’s great to meet women having the same issues, Alix is so motivating and supportive I really feel like this is something I can do and fit into my life forever which is great for me. I have started to see results in the 6 weeks so really great.”
Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

“I booked a 4th Trimester with Alix, which I had at just 2 weeks postnatal. She has such a friendly, calming approach so it really felt I had a bit of ‘me time’ in the midst of newborn madness. Her suggestions were informative, entirely relevant and completely manageable. As this is my second child, I can really see and feel how thinking about my core from an early stage, has had such a positive impact on my postnatal recovery.”

Holistic Core Restore® 4th Trimester

“I now know how to work my pelvic floor properly and engage it in a strengthening way. I have already seen a difference in my core strength and arms. The camaraderie in the group was also lovely.”

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

“The course really helped me focus on my core and my pelvic floor health. I was feeling a bit nervous about the effects my second pregnancy would have on my pelvic floor following some trauma in my first labour.

The course helped me to understand how to strengthen and prepare my pelvic floor and core for the rest of the pregnancy and the labour and gave me the confidence to know that I would be able to use the lessons I’d learnt during the recovery stage too.

Holistic Core Restore® Bump

“I’ve had sports massages many times before but have never experienced such a beneficial change after, as I have with Alix. It really feels like you’re getting a treatment plan rather than just a one-off fix. She also gives you stretches & exercises to continue the good work after the massage which makes a big difference. She has a lovely heated table for the cold weather too!”

Sports Massage

“This course is incredible, you can notice improvements within a short space of time. The way that the course starts you in a comfortable place, and then develops over the weeks to push you to a better performance level gives you back your confidence.

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

“The programme has been extremely beneficial. I have gone from having very limited movement when doing everyday things, to now being able to move pain-free.

It was all completely tailored to me and my recovery, the exercises and nutrition has helped me to feel like I’m getting my body back to where I would like it to be.”

Holistic Core Restore® C-Section Programme

“Alix’s sports massages are genuinely bespoke and I would recommend them without hesitation. Alix’s holistic approach means she manages to find tight areas and tension you didn’t even know you had! It is both relaxing and effective at the same time.

I have a bad back, and have been having sports massages for years. Alix’s massages have been the best I have had – the most effective at identifying and treating the real problem areas.”

Sports Massage

“I would totally recommend Alix’s sports massage, it was a great experience and I felt massively better following the treatment. She was very considerate through it all and gave me some releases that I could do going forward to try to alleviate any future tightness. I will definitely be going back for another session!”

Sports Massage

“This course has got my baby brain shaken up and thinking about my health and fitness again. The nutritional information and meal planning advice has helped me address my breakfast resulting in feeling fuller till lunch and less morning snacking. I definitely feel more aware of my core and really enjoyed the sweat sessions as I really felt like I had done something afterwards. The Facebook group really helps to motivate you.”

Online New Mums Reboot

“Alix enabled a supportive atmosphere where I felt able to take back a bit of control for myself and make improvements in my general wellbeing as well as improving my pelvic floor strength.”

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

“The classes gave me confidence and motivation for getting fit after labour. It was good to attend a class each week where the exercises have been carefully considered for our delicate tums! I enjoyed the circuits part and pushing myself to strengthen that good core muscle!”


“It has narrowed the gap in my stomach muscles, improved my pelvic floor and strengthened my core. I can now feel my core muscles working when I do everyday activities such as climbing stairs, emptying the dishwasher and hanging washing. I generally feel stronger and my body is starting to feel more like I did before I had my third child.  Alix was a brilliant coach and I really enjoyed my sessions with her.”
Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis

“I’m used to cardio exercise so it was a bit of a shock to the system in the first week and thought it wasn’t going to do anything however I can honestly say I feel massively different now… after 2 big operations and infections this course is just what I needed.”

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

“It has motivated me to get back into regular exercise, on track with my eating habits and to be better at planning healthy meals. I enjoyed the ability to turn on a video and not have to think about what workout I was going to do and knowing that all exercises were safe and appropriate after having a baby.”

Online New Mums Reboot

“I have learnt so much about my body and been taught how to work with it in the best way possible. I have noticed that I have tightened up in this area, stand more confidently and I am stronger. I loved that it was one to one, it was all very thought-provoking and I wish it could go on forever!”

Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis

“After having a baby I did not really know where to begin with getting back to myself. I had a complicated delivery and as a result a very weak pelvic floor. The course helped me to identity and isolate this and then work to strengthen it. It also helped me think about nutrition and myself! Although I still have a lot of work to do, I feel I have started the path to getting back to my pre-pregnancy self..”

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman

“I walked away from my massage relaxed and feeling like new again.

Having ramped up the level of running over the last 8 months this was definitely something my body needed.

I will definitely be coming back and recommending you. Thank you.

Sports Massage


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