Anyone with a baby will know all about a tight achy back, sore shoulders and that classic new mums posture where the shoulders round forward. But there are some really simple things you can do, which, if you apply them consistently will make a big difference.

Have a watch of the short video to find out more – and remember:

  1. Watch your posture – draw your shoulder blades down the back and watch the position of your hips. Keeping this in mind will prevent a lot of aches and pains to start with.
  2. Stretch and release your chest muscles as it’s likely these will be short and tight
  3. Strengthen the upper back muscles as these tend to be lengthened and weak. By doing this in conjunction with the stretches you’ll gain a better balance and be able to maintain a good posture

If you need any more help at all, just let me know – or check out my Facebook page and my special private group especially for New Mums