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Your personal fitness programme and mindset support without the price tag


Your personal fitness programme and mindset support without the price tag.

Is ChickFit Online for you?

  • Do you love the idea of being fit, strong and healthy, but don’t love the idea of spending hours in the gym?
  • Or feel that the gym is too much hassle, too expensive, and just doesn’t fit into your life right now?
  • Are you lacking the confidence to know how to work out effectively at home, but know it would be a brilliant way for you to stay fit?
  • Are you sick and tired of being constantly on and off the wagon with your fitness and nutrition?
  • Are you ready to improve your attitude towards exercise, but would love a little support along the way to help?
  • Have you ever signed up for an online fitness programme and then struggled to keep motivated?
  • Or tried to go to classes only to find that life gets in the way too often and you can’t maintain it?

If any of this resonates with you, then you’re definitely not alone. 

As someone who hasn’t been inside a gym for over 10 years, and having worked with thousands of women since I launched ChickFit in 2013, I’ve got first hand experience of building my own effective at-home fitness plan, and hundreds of others. 

But that’s not all. Because the other thing I’ve recognised on this journey is that having a plan is amazing. But having a plan backed up with the mindset support to truly make the most of that plan is even better. 

It’s what has made the difference for so many of my members who have gone from frustration with their lack of progress to creating a brilliant, sustainable fitness habit that makes them feel empowered, successful, energised and, of course, fitter, stronger and so much more confident.

You see at ChickFit, you don’t just get workouts and recipes (and then get left to get on with it by yourself), you also get all the tools you need to stay motivated, keep upping your game and tackle your mindset.

And, you also get a brilliant, active community who are all in the trenches with you!

How it works

1. When you join us, you’ll receive a Welcome Pack and Welcome Email Series which will help you to get your journey started in the most positive possible way.

2. You’ll join our Facebook Community where we run group 6-Week Challenges every half term, plus a couple of mini Challenges during the year, such as SummerFit and FestiveFit. This will get you motivated and keep you accountable and on track.

3. Then choose one of several structured fitness programmes (with options for beginners through to experienced exercisers) to do alongside the Challenge.

Alongside all of this you can also dive into one of the brand new wellness programmes; enjoy the library of HIIT, strength and mobilisation videos; explore the collection of delicious, healthy recipes; and dip into some brilliant mini masterclasses covering everything from goal setting and motivation through to your pelvic floor and perfecting your press up.


Rolling ONLINE Membership – £20 per month

Rolling ONLINE + CLASS Membership – £27.50 per month
Includes a weekly class held at 8pm on Tuesdays in Warlingham. This option is currently fully booked – if you would like to go onto the waiting list for this, just fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

join us!

ChickFit Online is a fitness membership portal with bells on – like having a personal trainer without the price tag! It’s for literally anyone who wants to gain fitness, strength and confidence for now and the future, for anyone who wants a bit of structure and support, and who realises that health and fitness isn’t a quick fix, but a state of mind!

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  • Access to the ChickFit Online Membership portal
  • Facebook Community
  • All of your videos and programmes
  • Recipes
  • Mini masterclasses
  • Tonnes of support


Online (or if you choose the + CLASS option, classes are held at Warlingham Church Hall at 8pm on Tuesdays)

ChickFit Online Rolling Membership

£20 per month

ChickFit Online + CLASS Rolling Membership

£27.50 per month


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