Workshop Dates:
Goal Setting = 

Tue 29th Dec @ 9.30am
Wed 30th Dec @ 6pm

Energise & Ease =

Tue 29th Dec @ 10.30am
Wed 30th Dec @ 7.30pm

Goal Setting For Success in 2021

Do you ever come up with a whole list of goals for yourself and think about all the things you want to achieve, only for life to take over?

Do you get frustrated that you never seem to get anywhere with your goals and are constantly finding yourself starting back at square one?

Are you getting a bit naffed off with all of that and want 2021 to be the year you finally take the bull by the horns and sort your s**t?

Then join me for one of these 45 minute workshops where we’ll get you set up for success in 2021. Whether you want to improve your fitness or your wellbeing (or indeed work on any other area of your life), we’ll use some brilliant tools to help you both set your goals and work out how to realise them them in the New Year.

And I’ll be bringing all of my experience of working with hundreds of clients over the years to help you overcome the hurdles that so many of us experience.

Before the workshop you’ll receive a ‘Setting Yourself up for Success’ Workbook to help guide you through the process as well as keep track of your progress afterwards.

The workshop will be held via Zoom too so at the end we’ll have an open forum for any questions you want to ask. And I know a lot of you are likely to have kids around, so please don’t worry if they’re around too – I’ll keep everyone on mute and you can turn your video off if you need to too!

Head to the link below to sign up to one of the sessions.


Energise & Ease

It’s going to be a bit of a different Christmas this year. With so many of us in a state of near lockdown still, not able to see our friends and families like normal, those days between Christmas and New Year might feel a bit quiet.

So, why not make the most of that by joining me for one of my Energise & Ease Workshops?

We’ll spend 45 minutes together combining a fun, high intensity workout session with a lovely stretch and let go routine that’s going to leave you feeling energised but relaxed!

Best of all its all completely free (yes, I need something to keep me busy too!) and its not a problem if you’ve got kids hanging around either. 

Just head to the link below to sign up to the one of the sessions. 


Securing your space

All Workshops are FREE – all you need to do is provide your details via the links below and you’ll receive Zoom details and any other materials you need for the workshop. Please note, these emails do sometimes end up in junk, so do check there.

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