It’s scary to think about this but I started secondary school 30 years ago. So first thing you now know about me is my age!

Second thing is that at school I was pretty shy. I definitely wasn’t part of the cool crowd, but wasn’t in the geek camp either (at least I like to think not). I had friends, but we kept ourselves to ourselves – we were the good girls. We worked hard, tried hard, never got into trouble – well apart from once when a few of us got send to see the head of year. Crapped myself. Never did it again.

I was (and still am) a rule follower. A dead cert for good GCSEs, A-levels, a degree and then a good, solid job after that.

The third thing you should know about me is that at school I was proper crap at sports. I tried hard, I had a go at stuff, but never got into the team. I did find my footing a bit more in sixth form and uni when I took up rowing and found I had a decent technique. But still I wasn’t exactly destined for greatness there either.

And all of this combined to make me understand something about myself. I work hard, I try hard, but ultimately I am average. Nothing special. So, for a long time I towed the line, got a decent job, ticked along and remained unspectacular.

Until one day when I left my job and decided to go it alone and launch my own business. In fitness. An unlikely choice for someone who previously enjoyed certainty and was rubbish at sports. Becoming a fitness entrepreneur (I still struggle to equate the ‘e’ word with myself, but it’s kind of true) really wasn’t an obvious path for me.

Yet in the last few years I’ve learnt new things about myself. The simple act of doing has shown me I’m not quite who I thought I was. I have learnt more about me as a person in the last five years than in the previous 36.

I now know I am resilient, determined, hungry to always be learning and moving forward and doing new things, and that I am absolutely capable of reaching beyond my comfort zone. Building my own business has been the making of me.

But why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that however average or unremarkable you feel; however unprepared or incapable you think you are at things, there’s a decent chance you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

It’s only in giving things a go that you’ll come to realise what you’re fully capable of. So never stop yourself with the myth that you can’t do something, don’t hold yourself back or define yourself by what you’ve done before or who you believe yourself to be. Because believe me when I say that by this time next year, even this time in 6 months you could discover that you are someone different to who you thought you were.

What things have you done in your life that showed you what you’re truly capable of, or what are you holding back from doing because you don’t think you’re the kind of person that could do something like that?