Holistic Core Restore® Release Workshop

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Holistic Core Restore® Release Workshop

A lovely little something to help you focus on self care to start the new decade! This workshop is all about helping you to improve your mobility, address any posture niggles, de-stress and give you some strategies to reduce aches and pains.

The simple, effective self-care solutions that we use in the Holistic Core Restore® Release workshop are an essential part of any woman’s self-care toolbox. You’ll enjoy a variety of simple ways to release muscular tension that draw on self massage, myofascial movement, yoga and pilates traditions, as well as using meditation to help down train the nervous system. This is a delicious and essential part of any wellness strategy and is suitable for all women!

This is for literally anyone who feels that they need to give mobility and movement a little more attention, or who simply wants a lovely evening of relaxation and release!

You can join us for £7.50 per workshop, OR you can purchase a 3-workshop pass for £20 and choose any 3 of the 5 workshop dates on offer. To purchase the package, head to the link below, keep hold of your coupon code and then use that to book your chosen workshops. 

 All workshops will be 45 minutes and held via Zoom.


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