What springs to mind when you think about core exercises? Planks, crunches, sit ups?


Well, what if I told you that those moves just aren’t necessary (and could, in fact, actually be damaging you) and instead you could turn every move you ever do into a core exercise? Like getting out of a chair, picking up your kids, pushing a heavy shopping trolley…as well as squats, lunges and press ups too.


Which would also result in a flatter tummy, a stronger core and a better functioning pelvic floor?


Sounds a bit too good to be true right? WRONG!!!


In actual fact, the secret is pretty simple – all you have to do is learn how to engage your pelvic floor and core and then do it every single time you lift, push, pull or get up, plus in every exercise you ever do. All of a sudden you are working your core multiple times a day. And all without risking those traditional core exercises, which more often than not, are actually causing your tummy to dome, hurting your neck and back and putting far too much pressure on your pelvic floor.


The very first thing I do with every client of mine – in every 1-2-1 session and every class, is teach proper core engagement.


Just a couple of notes – when you’re engaging your core you’d better make sure your posture is good. If not you won’t be able to engage it effectively. And also, don’t expect to get the hang of it straight away. Practice a few times and then start implementing it into your daily life. Finally, don’t engage your core constantly…you need to learn to let go too, so just use the engagement when you are actually putting an effort into something.