Ever wondered if you have a diastasis / tummy separation? I get a lot of Mums coming to me who really aren’t sure if they have one, if the one they’ve got is an issue or what to be looking out for, so hopefully this little video will help!


I would generally say that if you experience any of the following and you think it may be related to a tummy gap, it’s worth getting properly checked out: 

– you’re also leaking
– you get lots of back, shoulder, hip and/or knee pain
– you feel weak and have a lack of balance or control
– you notice your tummy doming when you do certain movements
– you’ve got a tummy that you want to shift, but that won’t in spite of doing all the right things

But it’s also worth saying that a tummy gap isn’t always an issue as it also depends on how firm the gap is and also how much control you tend to have over what your tummy is doing.

If you have any questions at all or want more information on how I can help you to regain control of your tummy, just email alix@chickfit.co.uk or take a look at the following pages for information on courses and programmes that can help with this.


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