We all do it…

Today is the day.  Today I am going to exercise more, eat less and cut out sugar. Whilst I’m at it, I may as well give up alcohol for a month and swear off unhealthy treats for the rest of my life.  OK, so I am may be exaggerating but, we all can fall into the trap of overwhelming ourselves with unachievable goals and then feeling disappointed when we slip back into our old habits.

So, rather than trying to change everything at once, try setting yourself some small, achievable goals instead.  A couple of changes at a time will really help you stay focused. Little changes such as; adding one exercise session into your week, cutting out sugar for just a few days a week or eating an extra portion of vegetables, can be far more manageable. Once these become a straightforward habit, you move onto the next small, achievable goal and so on.

It’s the little differences that will really add up and by successfully fulfilling our ambitions, we will start to feel good about ourselves allowing our overall confidence and determination to grow.

Why don’t we make a promise to ourselves? Let’s move away from monumental short term, quick fix declarations, where we yo-yo up and down and instead, create sustainable, long term habits that we’ll stick with for life.

What’s your first goal going to be?