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Kegels & Cake® Workshop

Discover everything you ever needed to know about achieving a stronger pelvic floor and core at our evening workshops.

Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Gemma Pilkington and Women’s Health and Fitness Coach, Alix Hubble (aka ChickFit) will take you way beyond basic kegels to explain how to (and how not to) strengthen your pelvic floor and core for life.

The workshop is for any woman who:

  • is pregnant or postnatal, who had children many years ago or who has never had kids.
  • wants to know more about their pelvic health and how to improve and protect it now and in the future.
  • has experienced leaking or other pelvic floor dysfunction and wants to improve this.
  • has a mummy tummy they can’t seem to shift.
  • suffers with low back pain that may be the result of a weak core.

You’ll learn:

  • how to locate and engage your pelvic floor muscles (we go way beyond kegels here!)
  • foods and habits that do and don’t support your pelvic health
  • how to have a better tummy and core strength at ANY AGE
  • why some women develop diastasis rectii (tummy separation) after birth and the best exercises to heal it

Join us for this fun, informative – and most importantly, utterly invaluable, evening of ‘edutainment’ and splendid cake eating!

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Tickets cost £15

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