“Before having children I used to run 20 miles a week and completed a marathon. But then exercise and time for myself was put on hold with a busy life looking after a 3 and a 1 year old. Last year I decided to start running again and made the mistake of not preparing my body properly for this and due to my core being so weak I twisted my pelvis and damaged my back. I heard about ChickFit through a friend and booked some 1-2-1 session. I can’t thank Alix enough. She helped me to strengthen my core, plus I lost weight and feel more toned. I really looked forward to her sessions and feel I have achieved great results. I would highly recommend Alix’s sessions to anyone looking for postnatal care.”


“After having my baby 6 months ago I was keen to get my fitness back, get back in shape and tone up, Alix was great, she has a great programme with a personable, professional approach. I wasn’t sure what to expect, Alix doesn’t do the usual high intensity training thing it’s much more focused around getting your body back postnatally.

The best thing is it really works! I had weight loss and inch loss. Alix was there if I needed support or encouragement and with advice on exercise and diet you get results. I still have work to do but feel prepared and able to continue exercising and changing the way I eat to continue to get the body I want.”


“Before I became pregnant, I had tried every fad diet and fitness trend in the book. After giving birth to my second daughter, I wanted to change my lifestyle and my approach to exercise and fitness. Alix takes a holistic approach to post natal recovery – there are no unrealistic goals or unsustainable diets. I know that the tailored exercise programmes and nutrition advice Alix has provided me with fits into my busy life and it has permanently changed my attitude towards exercise, health and wellbeing.”


“Motivation has never been one of my strong points and with a holiday on the horizon, I had faith in Alix to get me to where I wanted to be. And sure enough, I can honestly say it was the best thing I did for myself after giving birth. I feel so much stronger physically than I probably ever have, I look a lot better than I did even before being pregnant, and I also feel much healthier as my diet has improved after lots of pointers from Alix.”


Whether you’re a new mum who wants to regain health, fitness and functionality, or you had kids years ago and have decided that it’s about time you focused on yourself, ChickFit’s Mums Reboot is a bespoke programme designed especially for you.

As well as taking into account the specific and unique needs of Mums to improve core function, the Mums Reboot will take a holistic approach to helping you regain your health and fitness. Because this programme isn’t just about the exercise – we address nutrition, self care and stress management as well as posture and alignment to ensure that your body is fit for the life you lead. You’ll also get a complimentary full body massage included with your programme.

Following an in-depth 1.5 hour assessment, food diary review and bespoke exercise programming session, you’ll get:

  • A further 5 or 11 personal training sessions
  • A homework programme to complete in between sessions (tailored to fit into your life), including a written programme and video demonstration of your key bespoke exercises.
  • Regular food diary reviews with simple and actionable changes
  • Recipe ideas
  • Ongoing support in between sessions

By the end of the programme you can expect to feel:

  • Lighter and with your clothes fitting better
  • In control of your core and pelvic floor function
  • More energetic
  • More confident
  • Fitter, stronger and more toned
  • Like you can take on anything life (and your kids) can throw at you!


Securing your space

Programme cost: £397 for the 6 session package

OR £697 for the 12 session package (instalments available) 


To check availability for this programme, you can either get in touch with Alix via the form below, or book a free consultation call.

Contact Alix for Mums Reboot availability and to find out more...

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