Every week you get one of my emails popping into your inbox. Hopefully you find at least some of it useful or thought provoking. And I hope that you find plenty of it informative and helpful in reaching your own personal fitness goals and making your bodies work better. But why exactly should you be listening to little old me?

Well, some of you already know me well. You’re friends or longstanding clients and you absolutely know that I’m passionate about what I do and that I take my job very, very seriously. But there are also plenty of you who have signed up to my newsletter for various reasons, but don’t really ‘know’ me, and might be wondering what exactly qualifies me to be giving you all this advice. So, here’s a little bit about me……

  • I have 2 kids, Beth who’s 6 and Josh who’s 3
  • I did not enjoy being pregnant. Either time. But it was totally worth it.
  • I worked in advertising for 10 years before I started a course to become a personal trainer
  • In my early 20s, when I first moved to London I was a size 16, the biggest I’d ever been, after a couple of stressful years finishing my degree and not looking after myself properly
  • I lost 3 dress sizes by eating better (I hasten to add my diet then probably still looks terrible compared to how I eat now!) and getting acquainted with the gym and lifting weights. And I’ve never looked back.
  • I used to work for another fitness company as a personal trainer in Greenwich, but knew that ultimately I wanted to start my own business
  • When I started my business 2 and a half years ago I wanted to be all things to all people….I was worried that by specialising too early on I would miss out on lots of potential clients
  • I soon learned that I actually wanted to be a specialist, so I started to hone my knowledge, skills and experience to be able to provide women (prenatal, postnatal and beyond) with services that will help them to transform their bodies and mindsets, but more importantly solve common issues with pelvic floor and core function, and pain and discomfort associated with alignment and posture, and carrying and birthing children.
  • I want what I do to give women their confidence back, to solve problems that have maybe been bothering them for many years, and to feel great about themselves and their bodies.
  • I do at least two, if not more, courses every year to further develop my knowledge and understanding of this area.
  • My current bedtime reading is about the function of your glutes. Yes, really.
  • I think the invention of salted caramel has definitely improved my life.

The thing is, some of us will go through pregnancy and childbirth, and experience events like the menopause relatively unscathed. But there are also an awful lot of us who don’t. I’ve experienced pelvic floor issues myself since the birth of my kids – I have a hypertonic pelvic floor, which means it tends to be ‘switched on’ too much. Which it turns out, makes it just as dysfunctional as a weak pelvic floor. So, I myself have had to learn how to relax it, and its something I still work on regularly.

So, for me, working with women is a passion of mine – both because I’ve ‘been there’ and because I understand that we can have to deal with a whole host of unique issues. With the pressure these days to lose weight (particularly baby weight) quickly and to train hard, the fundamentals of looking after ourselves and making sure that we’re operating from a solid base of good, functional core and pelvic floor strength often gets seriously overlooked.

So I’m making it my mission to help women refocus on this and am happy to say that I do so as part of a growing community of other likeminded professionals (see www.holisticcorerestore.com for more). If you ever feel in need of help and advice in this area particularly, I’m always happy to help. And make sure you keep an eye on my newsletters and Facebook page too.