Things I Love.

Protein powder

Sun Warrior Protein Powders are a great plant based protein source that you can add into your smoothies for a brilliant protein boost. Compared to a lot of powders, they are low on additives, so a great, clean option.*

Protein Powder

Free Soul powders are another vegan option, with some added vitamins and minerals designed especially for women. Available in berry, chocolate and vanilla.*

Collagen Powder

Our bodies produce collagen from protein, but there are times when it can really help to boost our levels. Collagen helps to build stronger tissues (including skin, muscles and connective tissue), so finding ways to increase collagen in the body can really help with both healing and building strength.*

Magnesium Spray

This is a great option for supplementing your magnesium levels, which helps to relax you and is something I sometimes suggest to clients who need a little help to relax in the evenings before bed. Spray it on the bottom of your feet – it can be really tingly otherwise!*


Indespensible in our house – we use it for making smoothies, but it’s strong enough to crush frozen fruit, nuts and all sorts of other things too.*

Portable blender

If you’re likely to be out and about when you want to mix your own protein shake this is a great option.*

Pukka Night Time Tea

I literally don’t go to bed without a cup of this. I even take it on holiday with me!*

Pukka Revitalise Tea

Another one of my favourite herbal teas. A lovely, warming blend for any time of the day.*

HydrateM8 bottles

If you find it tricky making sure you get enough water each day, this is a great bottle to help you keep track.*

Resistance Bands

I always try and get long length bands as they are so much more versatile, so I love these meglio bands. Go for the 2 metre medium for a good all rounder. They are also latext free.*

Looped resistance band

Absolutely brilliant for adding an extra dimension to your glute work!*

Massage balls

I’ll let you into a little secret, I don’t buy expensive massage balls at a few quid a pop. Instead I buy boxes of these dog balls which are the perfect level of firmness for me. Its worth buying a box because they do go missing plus you can keep them around the house!*


A great range of kettlebells at a good price. Be aware that a lot of these are out of stock at the moment, so either order in advance and be prepared to wait, or have a search for alternatives.*


A good range up to 5kg – again, stock of fitness equipment like this is low, so order in advance or have a search around.*

Foam Roller

I recommend a foam roller to all of my clients. Great for a bit of self massage and reaching places that stretching alone can’t.*

Pillow Spray

I love this pillow spray – a gorgeous way to turn your bedroom into a real sanctuary.*

Essential Oils

I have a decent collection of DoTerra oils at home – and they’re definitely worth the price when you compare them to other less pure oils. 


A great little basic diffuser (I have three of them at home) at a good price.*

Tropic Skincare

Gorgeous natural products without nasties like parabens, phtalates and all those other things we definitely don’t want to be putting on our skin. I’m a big fan of the hand cream which smells amazing and the foot pebble.

Self Massage Tool

This is a brilliant tool for self massage, including c-section massage. 

Massage Wax

This is the wax that I use for massage (not suitable for nut allergy sufferers) and this is my very favourite blend. If you have a nut allergy you can find nut free options on Amazon. I also have a nut free version of this wax that I use, but unfortnately they only do big pots of that which may be too much for personal use!*

Period Power

I would go so far as to say that this is a book that EVERY woman should have in her possession. A mine of information about your cycle, hormones and how to harness them in the most powerful ways.*

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

Another brilliant insight into women, modern life and how it’s affecting our hormone health. I’ve read this 3 times and every time it gives me something new.*

How to break up with your phone

Most of us are far too deeply attached to our tech, and this is a great little book to help you rethink and reset that relationship. Highly recommended.*

The Stress Solution

I mean, I love everything this man does and I’ve loved all his books. You’ll feel better just reading it.*

the goddess revolution

Just a wonderful book about body confidence – and another one I’ve read more than once.*

the self care revolution

A really lovely book with some absolute gems, a whole lot of wisdom and some easy strategies and techniques to help you incorporate more self care into your life.*

Nutrition Therapy

Helen Moynihan is a wonderful Nutrition Therapist. She’s helped me with some issues around gut health and the perimenopause so I can personally recommend her services!


Christelle is absolutely devoted to helping women rediscover their health, energy and vitality through great nutrition. Services include 1-2-1 consultations and weight loss programmes.


Another therapist who I have first hand experience of – Fiona has helped me with regulating my menstrual cycle and really takes the time to understand exactly what you need.

Yoga – East Surrey

I love Emily’s yoga classes – because of her down to earth approach and humour. I’m not really drawn to woo woo yoga, so this is perfect for me!

Yoga – Online

Yoga with Adriene is my favourite go to for a brilliant online yoga class. I’ve signed up to here FWFG online yoga community, but I originally started with a couple of her brilliant 30 day free yoga challenges on Youtube.

Holistic Core Restore® Coaches

I’m so proud to be a Holistic Core Restore® Coach, and offer specialist programmes for stronger cores and pelvic floors, among other things. But if you’re not an East Surrey local, you can check out the network of other coaches around the country here.

Womens Health Physio – emma brockwell

Emma is one of the two wonderful Womens Health Physios that I’m lucky enough to have local to me. She has clinics in Godstone and Battersea.

Womens Health Physio – Gemma pilkington

Another wonderful physio – Gemma can help you with both womens health and musculo-skeletal issues. She has clinics in Oxted, Sevenoaks and Nutfield.


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