As I sat down to write this week’s newsletter, I realised it’s been ages since I’ve sent something out. I normally try to dazzle you with my wit and insight every couple of weeks and usually love sitting down to a good writing session.

However, this year is shaping up to be so busy that some stuff has fallen off the to do list altogether. Us ladies cannot live up to our highest expectations all the time – usually because we’re setting the bar so damn high! Is there something you could drop from your to do list this week that might take a little bit of the stress of your plate?

Anyway, onto the real subject of this newsletter, which is (whisper it) diets. When I did my recent survey to find out what you all want to know more about, weight loss came (unsurprisingly) pretty high up the list. So I’ll be writing a few blogs and newsletters over the next few weeks to help. And what better place to start than what’s the best diet out there.

Now, much as I’d love to tell you all to love yourselves first, I also know that there are just times when losing a few lbs is just something you want to do. I know that with a holiday coming up in a few weeks, I’m definitely being a bit more careful myself.

But with so many diets out there, how to choose?! I’ve heard from women who have had ‘success’ with all sorts of different diets over the years, from Slimming World and Weightwatchers, to cutting out carbs, sugar or dairy. But what I also know is that a successful diet is only truly successful when the weight loss is maintained for good.

Honestly if I had a pound for every person who’s ever said to me ‘oh, I did X diet and it worked really well for me’, yet here they are a couple of years later having put half the weight (and often more) back on again, asking for another solution. So, what usually happens is that we bounce around from diet to diet, finding another new solution, before finishing the diet, putting some weight back on again and moving onto the next. Sound familiar?

Which only leads me to the conclusion that a lot of diets actually don’t really work for the long term as they are completely unsustainable. So, if you really, truly want to find the best diet out there and the best solution to long term weight loss, I truly believe that there are a couple of things to get your head around:

1. We’ve all got to stop our search for a quick fix – a quick fix may make you feel great in the short term, but often doesn’t last for long. Because whatever it is you’ve done while you’re ‘on’ the diet isn’t something you can sustain for more than a few weeks or months.

2. Changing your mindset is absolutely vital – just trusting that as long as you muster up enough willpower to restrict your diet for a certain amount of time isn’t going to give you the truly long-term changes you’re looking for. Changing the way you eat / exercise also means changing the way you think about food, exercise and yourself and your body. Start changing your mindset to one where you are making positive changes, not punishing your body with a gruelling, dull and joy free existence.

3. The only thing that’s going to keep the weight off for the long term is creating a way of eating and exercising that you can sustain FOREVER! If you’ve started down a road that you know in your heart and head you can’t keep going with for the next 30/40/50 years then you may want to have a rethink.

Now, I realise that all of this may mean slower weight loss, it may mean making some uncomfortable changes and that it’s not going to get you there overnight. But, given the choice between slow and steady weight loss that you can maintain for years to come, or losing all the weight really quickly but ending up having to do the exact same thing in a year’s time, and the year after, and the year after (messing up your hormones and metabolism along the way too), which one would you ultimately choose?

Give this a bit of thought and I’ll be back over the next couple of weeks to talk about ‘How to lose weight successfully’ and ‘The biggest weight loss mistakes’.